To ENABLE POP UPs for this Website follow these instructions:


For Internet Explorer on XP with Service Pack 2:


Option 1


Right click the link to view the image and select open in a new window.  Across the top of the browser window the information bar will appear with the message Pop-up blocked, click where it says click here and select Always allow Pop-ups from this site. 


Also a privacy notification will show up on the bottom of the browser window.  Instead of clicking the information bar you can click the notification at the bottom (the red circle with a line through it) and select Always Allow Pop-ups from this Site.




Option 2


From the browser drop down menu, select Tools, Pop-Up blocker, Pop-up blocker settings:


Type the website’s address and click Add



Click close  (Sometimes you must close out the IE browser and reopen IE for the changes to take effect).












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